Scheduled Club Hikes

For all hikes listed below, members receive Emails with details of where and when to meet, and any other necessary information along with the name and contact information of the hike leader. If you are not a member and want information on a hike, go to the “contact info” page and send us an Email request.  Members:  For the scheduled hike list with contact information go to the Members Password Protected Page (Click here for the link)

Our club is part of the larger community, and it is critical for each of us to do our part to slow the spread of coronavirus across that larger community.  To that end we are suspending all club-sponsored activities (hikes and picnic) until further notice.  This is in line with the latest social distancing and isolation guidance from health and government authorities, and is instrumental in protecting the most vulnerable in our population as well as respecting the personal sacrifice of the health care workers who will be increasingly bearing the brunt of the pandemic.

 Maintaining fitness and overall physical and emotional health is as important as ever, so I encourage all to continue getting outdoors and hiking with one or a few friends while observing the guidance for social distancing and protection against transmission of the virus.  To support this, we can “keep” the Thursday and Sunday hike tradition, at fixed locations, with no sign-ups or carpooling, and no sign-ins or club mileage tracking, but still providing an opportunity for exercising our legs and lungs.  Whoever wants to show up at 5:30 AM at Rio Vista Park on Thursdays, or at 6:00 AM at Thunderbird Park on Sundays, can hike while maintaining appropriate social-distancing norms.  There will be no designated leaders, as these are not club-sponsored hikes.  Additionally, individual members can always contact each other via the membership list on our website as desired to plan personal outings.


Sunday hikes are usually more casual, with a distance of about 4-6 miles with minimal to moderate elevation change.


Start times as posted

Tuesday hikes/events/adventures are set up to provide variety in where we go and what we do.  They may involve hikes, kayaking, visits to interesting places or attendance at local events.

Thursday Thunderbird Park/Deem Hills Hikes CANCELLED DUE TO PANDEMIC

Thursday hikes alternate between Thunderbird Park in Glendale and Deem Hills.  Hikes are about 4-5 miles in length with moderate elevation gain

No need to register, just show up at the meeting place.

Thunderbird hikes: The Thunderbird Park entrance is on the west side of 59th Avenue, 1.5 miles north of Loop 101/Beardsley.  As you travel north on 59th Avenue from Loop 101, enter Thunderbird Park off of 59th Ave, take an immediate right and drive to the last parking lot – stay to the right as you drive and do not take the curve to the left.

Deem Hills Hikes:  Proceed to Happy Valley Road & 55th Ave. Turn North on 55th Ave. At the 4 way stop sign, proceed straight. The road becomes Deem Hills Pkwy. About a half mile further, on the right, is the entrance to the park & parking lot. Restrooms are located on the north side of the parking lot. We gather on the east side of the parking lot, near the dog park.  There are restrooms at this park trailhead.

Schedule for March and April of 2020
March – Start time 8:00AM
5th – Bella at Deem Hills
13th – Flo at Thunderbird
20th – Connie at Deem Hills
27th – Rosie at Thunderbird

April – Start time 8:00AM
2nd – Bella at Deem Hills
9th – Flo at Thunderbird
16th – Connie at Deem Hills
23rd – Rosie at Thunderbird
30th – Beth at Thunderbird

Saturday hikes are generally a little more challenging with distances of about 7-10 miles with more elevation gain. They may involve a bit more travel to to the trailhead.  Start times are as posted

Description:  Once a dump site area restored to a  lush riparian corridorMileage:  Hike for approx. 2 hours

Difficulty:  Easy flat paths

Location:   Parking lot @ the Rio Salado Audubon Center, 3131 S. Central Ave., Phoenix


Description: Seven historic cemeteries founded in 1884 on and the historic Smurthwaith House are both on the National Register of historic places. The Open House is drop in  during the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM.  Since it is in March, there will be an Irish theme to the event.  The open house & parking are free. Donations are accepted.

Location:  1317 W. Jefferson St. Phoenix

For carpooling meet behind Denny’s @ I 17 & Bell at 7:30 AM
Bring water for the hike.
An Irish lunch may be an option

To contact Beth E 

Additional Hikes and Activities

Occasionally we will have hikes on other days, such as full moon hikes or hikes where we join up with other clubs or organizations.