Member Information

 You do not have to live in Glendale to be a member.  More than half of our members live in North Phoenix and surrounding communities.

To join the Club click the link below, download the application form, and send it to the club address shown at the top of the form along with the annual dues of $15 for individuals and $20 for families.

GHC Application PDF File

Must I be a member to participate in an event(s)?

You may participate as a guest for a thirty day trial.  To participate in subsequent events and receive emails notifications, you must join the Club.

How do I join an activity?

To join an event:

1.  Contact the hike coordinator .  All members receive Emails on the details of the hikes and how to register.  See Scheduled Club Hikes for a list of hikes.  For hike leader contact information, see the Member Page Password Protected page.

2.  When you contact the event coordinator, he/she will advise you of the time and place to meet and any special circumstances you will need to consider such as distance of the hike, water and food requirements, etc.

3.  Plan to be at the departure point 15 minutes before departure time so car pooling can be arranged and we can leave on time.

4.  Please inform the event coordinator of any allergies or medical conditions you or your family member may have prior to departure.

Who are the hike coordinator(s)?

Club members coordinate each event and are identified to members through Emails.

Is there carpooling?

Car-pooling is encouraged.

Reimbursement to driver for carpooling:

Local short distance trips:  Rate = $.20 per mile for every mile up to 100 miles. and $.15 per mile for every mile beyond 100 miles.  All trips divided by the number of passengers in the auto excluding Driver then rounded up to nearest dollar per passenger. Calculation for a 100 mile round trip for 3 passengers in one car would be $20.00 and $7 per Passenger (rounded up to nearest dollar) in the car for a total of $20.00 to Driver.

For long distance trips the driver of each car will keep track of the money spent for gas for out-of-town trips and then divide up the amount by the number of passengers (not including the driver) in his or her car. Spouses are considered to be a passenger. The driver may negotiate with the passengers to add a small fee for maintenance/wear-and-tear/car wash.